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On the pages of this site you will find all of the information you’ll ever need on skin problems ranging from the most minor allergic reactions to very serious diseases. Anything that manifests itself on the skin will be covered in full detail, to give you a clear overview of the issue as well as a treatment protocol if there is one.

Wherever possible, we have included pictures so you can get a better idea of whether or not the particular condition applies to you. Many conditions cause similar symptoms, so what may look like one disorder might actually be something else entirely.

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A Unique Skin Disease Site – What Separates Us From The Rest

1. The information on this site was written by a board certified dermatologist, with regular updates by a team of health researchers, so we do our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

2. Every skin condition and treatment option is covered, in a simple, easy-to-read format so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for and understand what you need to know.

3. All photos featured on the site are real skin conditions on real patients. We have over 175 high-res images of skin cancers, rashes, infections and other problems.

Here are the various major sections of our site:

The Skin Disease section covers all of the different problems, conditions, disorders, etc., with an introduction, the potential causes, as well as the various treatment options you have. They are presented in alphabetical order. You’ll find information on age spots, boils, candida, chiggers, eczema, dermatitis, moles, fungus, pimples, rosacea, scabies, psoriasis, scabies, sun spots, warts and many more.

The Skin Treatment section covers all of the many treatments and applications discussed on the other pages of the site. These include medications such as accutane, antibiotics, cortisone, propecia, retin-a and tetracycline; applications such as alphahydroxy peels, dermabrasion, phototherapy and waxing; and procedures such as Botox, collagen, and transplants.

We also have sections on skin diseases specific to African, Asian and Hispanic skin types, explanations and pictures of various treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation and tumescent liposuction.

The latest addition to our site is our Natural Skin Treatments section, discussing all of the ways you can address issues with vitamins, minerals, extracts and other alternative methods. Oftentimes these protocols can be as effective as their conventional counterparts, just without the potential allergic reactions and other side effects.

Learn to Recognize and Treat Skin Conditions Early On

We hope you find the answers to any skin problems you have, and that our site gives you a better understanding of what your issues may be and more importantly, how you can treat them quickly, safely and effectively.

Regardless of what you learn on this site, you should always consult a dermatologist when it comes to skin disorders of any kind. Just because something looks harmless, doesn’t mean it can’t develop into something more serious. Whether it’s a simple red patch, an itchy bump or a slight discoloration, err on the side of caution and have it checked out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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