Are You Wrecking Your Skin?

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You may not realize just how easy it is to damage your skin. Everyday you potentially put your skin at risk when exposing yourself to the sunlight or fail to adhere to your skincare regime.  Your skin is the largest organ and if you don’t look after it, you will only have yourself to blame when things start to go wrong. You may not realize the potential damage that is occurring and if you make any of the following mistakes, you are certainly putting yourself at risk.

Fortunately, many of us are getting the warning about over-exposing our delicate skin and baking ourselves on the beach. But skincare and protection from the sun goes much deeper than that. You need to cover up anytime you go out in the sun and purchase a good sunscreen of SPF30 or more. Plus, you are supposed to re-apply your sunscreen once every two hours.  The damage that can occur from the sun can be long-lasting, your cells become irreparably damaged, you are opening yourself up to skin cancer and aging prematurely. Don’t forget that if you sweat in the heat or if you go swimming, you need to apply sunscreen earlier than the two hour recommended application.

Many people mistakenly think that going on a sunbed and tanning your skin this way is safer, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These tanning beds provide a burst of ultraviolet A and B light. They serve to triple the risk for skin cancer and certainly cause aging of the skin.

Many people still smoke and know the risks of heart disease and lung cancer but smoking can visibly age the skin and there have been numerous studies to support this reasoning too. It yellows your skin, slows down healing and it damages the supply of blood. If you have looked in the mirror and noted yellowing, tired and weak looking skin, then your cigarettes could well be the cause.

Are you under a lot of stress? It’s not a myth, stress is actually a cause of unhealthy and sallow looking skin too. The remedy is to lessen the amount of stress and to practice stress management and relaxation techniques. Meditation and the natural promotion of inner healing can be surprisingly beneficial to your skin.

Use only natural products when washing your face. Harsh soaps and chemicals will dry up your skin or cause a reaction. If your skin is already dry, then add a good quality, natural moisturizer which will help to keep the moisture sealed in.

There are many ways of damaging your skin:

    • Insufficient sleep
    • Overeating
    • Using the wrong type of skincare products
    • Scrubbing the skin


Having clean, well-moisturized and healthy skin is easy. It just takes a little care and attention to detail. Look after your skin by nurturing it daily and it will look after you.
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