Honey Benefits Naturally

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Raw honey has wonderful healing properties-both antibacterial and antioxidants. Honey can be used for healing or as a powerful treatment to your skin; it can even help you to recapture that all-important glow which is great if you have important events to attend or if your skin looks a little jaded.

If you suffer with acne, honey can be really beneficial. As it is naturally antibacterial, it is good for the treatment and prevention of acne. In addition, its antioxidant qualities can help to slow down the aging process keeping looking younger for longer. It has a moisturising effect on your skin and can help create that youthful looking glow. You can even use honey to open up your pores.

If you suffer with spots, don’t waste time buying expensive over-the-counter preparations. Instead, reach for the raw honey and add a little to a cotton bud. Apply the honey very gently to the spots and leave. You can even leave the honey on overnight. You’ll find in the morning that your skin looks so much better. If you have some tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil handy you can also mix with honey, and this allows an extra burst of natural cleansing.

You may not think of the gooey sticky honey substances as being good for cleansing your skin but it is really great in removing make up. Use jojoba oil and add a little honey. You can also add in a few extra spices if you feel adventurous. Massage into your skin, removing make up and acting as a moisturiser at the same time. Honey mixed with baking soda, (I would suggest two parts honey to one part baking soda) makes a great natural exfoliator and you can use it once a week to remove dead skin cells and it also smoothes your skin and helps you to look and feel great.

To give your skin that little extra boost and to return your youthful complexion, add a layer of raw honey to your skin. Make sure your skin is damp and then using a circular motion and massage your skin. Leave for approximately 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Your skin will feel amazing.

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