Vitamins and Skin Health

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Your skin mirrors your health, so when you feel poorly, you are likely to look it too. If you are seeking ways to improve how you look, start from the inside first and consider the foods that you eat. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is essential if you are going to give your skin the fuel it needs to fight off free radicals and to protect yourself from the daily risks.

Before popping a long list of supplements, take a fresh look at your diet. If you are living mainly off of processed foods or takeaways, then start to improve your overall diet first. Choose lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and flood your system with natural vitamins the traditional way. The ones you are looking for initially are C,E,A,K and B complex as these are known to help your skin.

Vitamin C is very important because it can actually minimize the effects of too much sun on your skin and it helps to reduce the effects of free radicals which are extremely damaging. Vitamin C cream can also help when applied directly but make sure it contains L-ascorbic acid as this is then enable to penetrate layers of skin and to improve it substantially as it soaks through.

If you are eating a good diet, then you probably won’t need any extra vitamin A. If you have dry or flaky skin however, then Vitamin A may be really beneficial as it works to repair the skin tissue and is absolutely necessary for the overall maintenance of your skin.


Vitamin E also helps to reduce the damage that the sun does to skin cells. It can also help to improve the signs of wrinkles and when mixed with vitamin A, can help to potentially reduce the creation of any cancer causing cells. Vitamin B helps to counteract dermatitis and to retain water within the skin giving it that plump, natural and younger looking appearance. It also contains properties that will sooth any irritated skin.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, ensure that you have sufficient levels of vitamin K, you could find that those under eye circles start to improve. If you combine vitamins A and K in a cream form, then it can have an even more effective result. We have to have our full quota of vitamins and minerals if we are to remain healthy. Start learning the benefits of them all and incorporate them into your diet on a daily basis and you will start to feel and see the difference.

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