Wrinkle Alert

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As we grow older and our skin ages, we are bound to start losing the battle against wrinkles, however unpleasant a prospect that is. Some of us will look naturally younger than others but the tell-tale signs will soon start to point out our ages to one and all.

If you want to reduce the ravages of wrinkles, you can start here by implementing a few basic must haves into your daily regime.

1. Try to avoid the sun. We all know that it is the number one cause of all things wrinkly. Those who take every precaution to protect their skin against the sun, ages more slowly. If you have to spend time in the sun, protect your skin by applying a good sun cream.

2. Smoking is terrible for the skin. It can give you those horrible little wrinkles around your mouth and also make your skin up to 40% thinner than those who don’t smoke. This can give your skin a greyish pallor and allow veins to show through.

3. Some people say that sleeping on your back is a good way to stay wrinkle free. Some wrinkle lines can be hard to get rid of even once you are up in the morning.

4. Sleep is so important. If you find that you suffer with insomnia or just have a mass of anxieties that is keeping you awake each night, it is time to sort it out. Your body produces too much cortisol when you don’t sleep and this serves to break down skin cells.

5. Moisturise. You know the importance of it and if you keep your skin soft and moist, you will find that any little lines are not quite so noticeable.

Your skin is the largest organ and it is also so visual. If you feel tired, or if your skin starts to get more than its fair share of wrinkles, then you can guarantee that it will impact every area of your life.

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