One of the biggest culprits when it comes to skin damage is the sun. 90% of wrinkles and other common effects of aging on the skin can be directly related to sun exposure. sundamage

That’s because the ultraviolet rays work to erode cell membranes and damage DNA within the skin. As this happens, the outer layer of the skin becomes thicker and more leathery and the skin loses its natural elasticity.

This type of sun damage can accumulate over time and will eventually cause marked changes in the appearance of the skin as we get older. If you are like most individuals out there, you are suffering from some form of sun damage to your skin and looking for a natural solution to this pesky problem. Well that solution may very well come in the form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

What Makes Alpha Hydroxy Acid Effective for Sun Damage?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are organic acids found in foods and they can have many benefits for the human body, among them the ability to actually reverse skin damage caused by the sun.

How is this possible? Compounds in alpha hydroxy acid work to break down and peel away the damaged outer layer of skin, leaving a healthy, pink, smoother new layer.

At the same time, AHA also helps to increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture, thus helping it to look softer, smoother and younger. It’s a powerful combination that has led to the inclusion of these organic acids in many popular skin care products.

How Do You Use An AHA cream or lotion?

Start using the Xtend-Life Age Defense Day Cream one week after liquid nitrogen treatment (if you have had this done). After the one week period, use the product every other night for one week to the face, chest, back of the hands and other sun damaged areas.

It is OK to use the alpha hydroxyacid in the morning if you prefer. Men can use it as an after shave. Wait 15 minutes before applying make-up or sunscreen over the top of the alpha hydroxy acid. Apply it to all of the skin in the area, not just to the spots you want to treat. This will treat microscopic lesions.

When you put AHA on your skin, it will burn for a few minutes. This is normal. If the burning is too much for you, then apply cool water to the skin before applying the product. If you are not experiencing any problems with the product after the first week of use, you may start using it every day.

NeoStrata alpha hydroxyacid does make you more sensitive to sunlight; so sun protection is needed. You can use a sunscreen each morning after applying the lotion. This will help prevent further sun damage from occurring. We recommend a sunscreen with a SPF 15 or higher available at your local drug store without a prescription.

Use of the alpha hydroxy acid on sun damaged skin may turn precancerous lesions red. This is generally a good sign; the treatment is working.