We all develop wrinkles with age; however, much wrinkling results from sun damage, not age. If you look at the skin under the arm of an eighty year old person, there is very little difference compared to the skin of a twenty year old. sundamage

If you look at the skin on the back of the hands or the face of that same eighty year old person, there is a vast difference in this skin compared to twenty year old skin. Ninety percent of the changes we associate with aged skin are due to sunlight.

Fortunately, effective sunscreens (SPF 15 or higher) are available so people can continue an active outdoor life while partially protecting themselves from the wrinkling and aging effects of the sun. If you value your youthful looks, never deliberately sunbathe. Stay away from tanning parlors. The ultraviolet rays they use damage the skin, though the operators will tell you otherwise.

PABA Free – Why is this important?

Is is only important for you to use a PABA free sunscreen if you are allergic to PABA. If you are not allergic to PABA, then it makes no difference whether you use a PABA free sunscreen or not. If you are allergic to PABA and you use a sunscreen containing this ingredient, you will break out with an itchy rash which can be treated. See allergic contact dermatitis.