avocado for skin benefitsWhile many people enjoy the healthy and delicious taste of avocado in salads and guacamole, less well known are the benefits of avocado for the skin. Like other essential oils such as olive oil and tea tree oil, avocado oil has many healthy properties that make it a great natural treatment for the skin, either when ingested or used topically.

Avocado contains many nutrients, including proteins, fats, antioxidants and lecithin and potassium, all of which make it very beneficial to both the skin and hair. Not only can it serve as a natural moisturizer as well as stimulating collagen production to help fight the effects of aging, it can also be used specifically to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as soothing an itchy, flaky scalp.

How does Avocado work on the skin?

Along with proteins and fats which can nourish and heal damaged skin, avocado oil contains a substance called sterolin which has been proven to help soften the skin, reducing the appearance of age spots. At the same time, powerful antioxidants such as Vitamins A, D and E work to remove built up toxins from the body, which can help heal sun damaged skin.

All of these essential nutrients combine to provide a range of healing benefits, including naturally moisturizing and protecting the skin and hair; increasing collagen production which results in plumper, more youthful looking skin; and even stimulating hair growth. And best of all these effects can be achieved either by applying it directly onto the skin, hair and scalp or by ingesting it as a salad dressing or condiment, providing healing from within.

Does it treat any skin conditions?

Aside from its general healing effects, avocado can be used to specifically treat a number of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Applied directly to affected areas it can help to soothe itching and inflammation, which also makes it an effective treatment for diaper rash. Its deep healing properties give it the ability to facilitate healing of wounds and burns and its natural moisturizing qualities can help to combat dry skin.

Those same moisturizing properties make it a particularly good treatment for dry, flaky scalp. Not only will this help to eradicate dandruff, it can also improve the health of the hair, leaving it softer and more lively. As a head massage or a hot oil treatment for the hair, beauticians rave about the wonderful healing benefits of avocado oil.

How Does It Compare To Other Treatments?

The main difference between avocado oil and other skin and scalp treatments is the fact that it is entirely natural. That means there are no harsh chemicals involved, only the soothing, healing comfort of this natural wonder. That can make a world of difference for individuals who suffer from dry, irritated skin but don’t want to risk treatments that could possibly do even more damage.
Whether you need to stop the itching and redness of eczema, need to provide natural moisture for dried skin or hair or just want to hold off the effects of time, you shouldn’t overlook the healing power of avocado oil. It’s not just a delicious addition to guacamole, there is so much more to this amazing fruit than meets the eye!