Receiving a professional facial is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable services available to a salon customer. When performed on a regular basis, facials can result in a noticeable improvement in your skin tone, texture and appearance. The treatment can restore the normal balance of oil and pH for the skin, as well as remove blackheads and help prevent acne.

day spa facials

Other beneficial and temporary results may be obtained by a proper facial

A. The skin becomes soft and pliable.

B. The circulation of the blood is increased.

C. The nerves are soothed and rested.

D. Pain is sometimes relieved.

During your facials, the following will be done:

1. Your back is cleansed and then you will be made as comfortable as possible.

2. Any make-up is removed and then the face, neck and chest are cleansed.

3. A deep pore cleansing is done with a brush along with the proper skin care products specified for your skin type.

4. An analysis of the skin is then done. The esthetician will look for:

  • dry or oily skin
  • areas that need extra attention (ex. comedones, milia or pustules that may need to be extracted after massaging)
  • dehydrated skin
  • areas that may be suspicious (ex. moles that are very dark or vary in color, spots that will not heal and are elevated which could possibly be a skin cancer, or the result of sun damage)

5. A deep exfoliating mask is then applied; steam is used to activate the enzymes in this mask. This is done by placing the steamer 12-30 inches from the clients face.

6. Massage cream is then applied. This helps lubricate the skin making it easier to do the massage movements, which help stimulate the skin.

7. Massage movements are done for several reasons:

  • to increase circulation of the blood to the face which will help the products penetrate further
  • relaxation
  • helps prepare the skin for extractions

8. After the massage, any extractions, if needed, will be done. High frequency, which is infrared light, is then used. This kills germs and helps decrease the redness due to the pressure from extracting.

9. A relaxing mask is then applied and left on for approximately 10 minutes. This helps soothe and relax the skin.

10. The face is then toned. Toning the skin removes any residual make-up or cleanser that may be left on the skin. Toner can also be used as a skin freshener.

11. Lastly, the skin is moisturized as the last part of facials.