Dermatitis and Common Irritants

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Dermatitis is a common term for an irritation or inflammation of the skin. There are many causes of irritations, some internal and others caused through external contact. Dermatitis include blisters, sores, swelling and itching and any outbreaks can be caused through allergies or even stress. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and provides a first defense and as such, it often bears the first visible signs of damage.

There are many potential irritants including:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Household Chemicals
  • Fragrances


Seeking medical assistance if you develop dermatitis is important. If you try to self-medicate, you can make it worse by adding certain lotions or over the counter medicines to your skin. Certainly if the irritation becomes worse, do not ignore it.

Once your skin has become sensitive towards a certain irritant, it is not likely to improve with future contact. Some household chemicals can actually damage your skin and it can be wise to wear protective gloves and to not allow the chemicals to come into contact with your skin where possible.

If you take a look around your house you will see just how many dangerous substances you have in your home.

    • General All-Purpose cleaners can dry out and break down the surface of your skin with prolonged exposure. They contain hazardous chemicals such as ammonia.
    • Toilet cleaners contain bleach and pesticides that are extremely caustic.
    • Washing Up Detergents can cause your skin to feel itchy and will burn with prolonged use. They can also leave your hands feeling very dry and your skin to start flaking.
    • Window Cleaning sprays and lotions contain ammonia and isopropanol which can irritate nasal passages, your eyes as well as being caustic if exposed to your skin.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, then covering up while using any household cleaners or substances may help to prevent an outbreak of dermatitis. Alternatively, use more natural products and limit the damage to your skin.