Sensitive skin and thread veins

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Sensitive skin can affect any skin type. It is important to treat sensitive skin carefully. It is usually delicate skin that is easily sensitized or irritated by strong detergents, cosmetics and thread veins can affect those with fair or sensitive skins. Thread veins are fine red lines that give the face a ruddy look; they can be associated with allergic tendencies but equally can be through circulatory problems. This causes capillary walls to dilate. But thread veins can also be an indicator of aging.

Dietary factors

It is important to avoid alcohol, food additives, chemicals, coffee and tea as sensitive skin can often react adversely to them.

Additional factors

If you have sensitive skin or thread veins, try to avoid exposure to harsh sunlight and extremes of heat or cold. Irritants such as lanolin or alcohol based toiletries and perfume should be avoided or kept to the minimum. If you use harsh products on your skin, it can serve to dehydrate the skin instead.

Make natural remedies such as kind cleansers. Simply add five or six drops each of chamomile and lavender to 2 or 3 drops of rose to 3 fluid ounces of rose water. Store in a dark container. You can then filter this concoction using coffee filter paper. After one month add 5 teaspoons of glycerin and then shake well.  Apply with a cotton pad morning and night before moisturizing.

If you have thread veins and sensitive skin, blend 2 to 3 drops each of rose, neroli and lavender oil with 5 teaspoons of witch hazel and then add 3 fluid ounces of orange flower water. Use this mixture and apply to the cheeks twice a day. If you have inflamed thread veins apply soothing complexes of rose water to the cheeks.

Instead of using clay masks, use face packs that contain honey as this is much more soothing and will have a moisturizing effect. These clay masks are suitable for sensitive or dehydrated skin and also for anyone with thread veins