Important Tips for Cold Sore Prevention and Cure

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No-one relishes having a cold sore and in fact, the tell-tales signs that the virus is becoming active, is dreaded. They are so visible, uncomfortable and seem to take so long to disappear. If you are plagued with cold sores, here are some quick tips to help you avoid the cold sore blues.

1. As difficult as it might be to leave it alone, try not to touch the cold sore as you will simply spread the virus and that is the last thing that you want to do.

2. If you have used any lip salve, lipstick or swabs on your lips, you will need to throw them away afterwards. The virus can easily be transmitted like this otherwise.

3. Remember to wash your hands. It’s just so easy to touch your face and to not realise it, so good hygiene is essential.

4. If you know that you have the cold sore virus, avoid sharing towels, toothbrush and even a cup as others can contract the virus easily this way. Always keep your items separate and wash them. Once the cold sore has gone, make sure you get a new toothbrush too as the virus can hang around on it and could re-infect you.

5. The virus is easily spread through contact and this means no fun stuff like kissing.

6. It is easy to trigger off a cold sore attack. If you feel fatigued, stressed, have a cold or flu or even during ‘that time of the month,’ it can act as a powerful signal to the virus to appear.

7. It is important to keep your immune system stable so use self-help resources such as yoga or meditation to make you feel good. You can also place ice onto the cold sore the moment it appears as this can provide some relief albeit temporary. Liquorice supposedly works to stop the virus instantly so if you are partial to liquorice, get munching. Just remember to not have too much as it will have certain other side effects if you are not careful.

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