Aloe Vera – The Miracle Remedy

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It has been labelled nature’s miracle cure and no-one disputes that aloe vera has so many benefits to the human body. It is most commonly used to ease the pain associated with burns and to promote healing. The best method is to keep a living plant in your home, a quick snap of a leaf and you can apply the jelly type substance directly to your skin- instantly soothing. Aloe vera is highly restorative, it can sooth the stinging burning sensation quite quickly and also  start repairing the skin too.

The properties are comparative:

• It relieves inflammation
• Improves scar tissues
• Repairs skin
• Soothes sore skin
• Eases pain


Many people do not realise that aloe vera can also be used for many skin conditions including eczema. Because eczema dries out the skin leaving it feeling sore and dry, it can help to repair the tissues directly by moisturising and healing. Apply the gel 2-3 times each day and it can help to take the itch out of the condition. Psoriasis is another problematic skin condition which can be helped by aloe vera. As with eczema, apply 2-3 times a day, healing will be visible.


Spending too much time out in the sun unprotected is a silly thing to do these days as we all know the damaging effect that the sun has on our skin, but if you do get sunburn, apply the gel from the plant to the skin immediately so that it lessens the burning sensation and can start the healing process. Insect bites and even acne responds well to a treatment of aloe vera. In fact, it should always be considered an essential component in any first aid kit.

If you find that this miracle plant becomes an essential part of your health measures, it’s good to know that you can increase its healing power. Aloe vera not surprisingly has over 75 nutrients but it is missing vitamin D, so to make an improved gel version, you can add a vitamin D tablet to the gel and mix thoroughly, you can also add vitamin E too so that it benefits the skin even more.
Keep the gel in the fridge and then you can apply it quickly when needed.

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