Protect Your Skin Against the Perils of Time

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It is common sense to look after your skin. There is so much that can go wrong with it throughout life but many things that we do ourselves that can impact the health of our skin. Wrinkles sadly are a part of life but we don’t have to welcome them in like old friends, instead, we need to fight them as much as can. This can mean simply looking after ourselves by drinking plenty of water to ensure that our skin stays hydrated, or by lavishing our skin with natural based moisturizers. Cutting back on the dreaded cigarettes is always a good idea but there is more that we can do to protect our skin or to nourish it as in the following examples.

If you need glasses, get some. Squinting is really bad for your skin. So is any repetitive movement on the face. It overworks the facial muscles, forming little grooves which in time becoming a permanent wrinkle. Once you have them, it’s too late so it is vital that you never forget your sun glasses.


There is a lot to be said for eating more soy as research indicates that it can help to improve the firmness of your skin and to improve the overall structure too. Eating healthily is paramount. Salmon contains omega3, an all-important fatty acid and it also provides protein which forms the foundation of healthy looking skin. Fatty acids help to keep the skin looking more youthful. Fruit contains antioxidants and these can also help to protect your skin against harmful free radicals, making it look more radiant.

Washing your skin too often will decrease the natural oils that serve to protect against premature wrinkles. Be careful of the products that you use on your skin too, harsh chemicals will do your skin no favours and wrinkles will occur more quickly than you hoped. Good skincare is all about balance and looking after yourself.

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