Tea Tree Oil – The Australian First-Aid Kit in a Bottle

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Tea tree oil has been accredited as having wonderful healing benefits that can help a wide range of ailments. The aboriginals in Australia were the first to use the oil from the leaves of the tea tree plant and it now has become a global healing aid. Essential oils penetrate the skin quickly so it is important that a good quality oil is purchased for maximum benefit. Always ensure the label states pure essential oil and is sold in a colored bottle and this will prevent the potency from being affected by sunlight.. Even though essential oils are widely used, always check any contra-indications prior to using.

There are many ways to use Tea Tree oil:

• Tea tree oil works well on acne
• It can be used to treat eczema, yeast infections, athlete’s foot and is anti-fungal
• It is also an antiseptic and can be used directly on cuts and burns
• If you have a congested chest, a few drops in a vaporizor can loosen the infection.
• Head lice problems? A few drops to shampoo each time will kill the head lice.
• It can help to improve body odor if a few drops are added regularly to the bath water
• It can treat a dry scalp and improve dandruff
• Can improve sun burn
• Help to improve colds and flu symptoms by adding a few drops to the bath.
• Helps to eliminate nail fungus
• Helps to eradicate warts
• It has also been used in the treatment of eczema

While it is safe to apply tea tree oil directly to the required area, it must not be ingested as is toxic. This is one essential oil that should always be kept in the first aid kit as its uses are many.