Essential Skincare with Oils

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Skin is an unsung hero. It protects us and yet we subject it to damaging conditions. The cold, wind, chemical based cosmetics and skincare lotions or, we simply abuse it and neglect it. In fairness, it would be easy to spend a fortune on skincare lotions and potions for all sorts of ailments or to just keep our skin looking nice but, there is no need. The power of essential oils can provide so much to keep skin looking amazing and just as importantly, remaining healthy.

When reviewing the list of essential oils, and if you fancy giving some a try, choose the ones that offer you the greatest benefits and so their usefulness will increase. Always make sure however that you choose the pure essential oils as the cheaper versions will not provide you with the same quality or benefits.
Lavender Essential Oil – excellent for burns, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and insect bites. It is such a gentle oil but is incredibly powerful. Most oils have to be mixed with a good carrier oil but lavender is different, it can be applied neat.

Violet Essential Oil – helps to heal inflammation, rashes and eczema. It is also useful for acne, blackheads and open pores. It can even be used on thread veins. Importantly, this oil must be diluted with carrier oil before applying such as almond, or jojoba.

Geranium Essential Oil – This is a balancing oil that nurtures. It is suitable for most skin types and is typically recommended for more mature or dry skin. It is emotionally uplifting and can be used to help heal burns, for removal of head lice and to ease eczema. Again this should not be applied neat to the skin.

Rosewood Essential Oil – is wonderful for promoting life to jaded complexions and it is also used to help reduce wrinkles. It can help to heal scars and acne. Mix with good quality carrier oil before applying.
Patchouli Essential Oil – For those who have oily skin, this is the essential oil for you. It has a wonderful sweet, earthy smell and eliminates dandruff and oily hair while easing eczema and healing burns. It is readily available and must be diluted prior to use.

Sandalwood Essential Oil- Although often valued for its fragrance, it is beneficial for most skin-types and can help dry and chapped skin as well as eczema and acne. It is also a wonderful relaxant with sedative qualities. Mix with a good carrier oil before applying.