Why Has Microblading Become So Popular?

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It’s hard to deny the popularity of microblading these days. All you have to do is look in any fashion magazine or run an online search and you’ll find images of celebrities and models with perfectly shaped brows. It’s no wonder that other women have decided to follow that trend and make the most of their brows.

The use of microblading, a semi-permanent tattooing technique that can help to improve the shape and look of eyebrows, first began in Japan about 25 years ago. It quickly spread throughout Asia, reaching its top popularity in Singapore and Korea by 2005. By 2010, it had reached Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

It can be difficult to trace the exact history of the technique because it has gone by many different names including microstroking, feather tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, and “the Japanese Method”. Aside from microblading, one of its most popular names is “eyebrow embroidery”, from the fact that the micro needles are used to essentially “embroider” or scratch pigments directly into the skin.

No matter what you call it, the reason for the popularity of microblading is simple.

“The eyebrows naturally frame the face,” says Alexia Rocha of Alexia Makeup Hair Beauty in Goodwood, SA, “having the right shape and fullness can make you instantly look more put together and complete your overall look.”

Unfortunately, we’re not all born with the perfect brows and many women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and countless hours trying to achieve that supermodel look. So it’s no surprise that being able to improve the look of your brows in one relatively quick and easy procedure would seem so tempting to so many women around the world.

It’s a relatively straightforward procedure that involves using a tiny blade to apply a series of delicate lines of tattoo ink to mimic the natural look of eyebrow hair. When done by an expert it can give you any specific shape you choose and is so discreet that nobody will be able to tell the difference.

A skilled tattoo artist achieves that natural look by taking a number of things into consideration, including an individual’s skin type, face shape and how their own brows sit when they make various facial expressions. The goal is to ensure that the final results enhance their looks and completes their overall appearance.

According to Ursula Cervone, cosmetic tattoo artist and founder of Sydney’s Feather Brow Couture, that means remembering that no two brows are identical. Things like skeletal structure, fat pads and muscle can cause a person’s two brows to sit differently so the tattoo artist has to measure everything very carefully in order to make them as symmetrical as possible. For the best possible results, a tattoo artist should always follow the line of your existing brows rather than removing them and starting from scratch.

For many women who simply can’t fit complicated and time consuming cosmetic routines into their busy schedules, microblading can be a very attractive option. Trading in your gels, pencils and tweezers for a microblading session is an easy choice and it can make a huge difference to your overall look.

If you’re still not sure whether microblading is right for you, here are a couple of specific reasons why this treatment has become so popular over the last couple of decades:

1. It’s Semi-Permanent – Unlike makeup, microblading will hold up to sweating and swimming, so there’s no need for daily maintenance, but it is a semi-permanent form of tattooing so there is some room for flexibility. Generally, the results of a microblading treatment can last anywhere from 10 months to as much as 3 years.

2. It’s Low Maintenance – Aside from the initial microblading procedure, most individuals only need a short follow up appointment to ensure that their brows are healing properly. There will be some immediate aftercare required until the brows complete the initial healing process, but after that you’ll have the perfect brows you’ve always dreamed of with no extra effort whatsoever!

3. It’s Quick – The total appointment time for a microblading session is about two hours and the follow-up appointment is as little as 30 minutes. Since the procedure does essentially result in tiny open wounds, there will be some aftercare required to ensure that everything heals properly. In most cases that includes keeping the brows covered, minimizing sun and water exposure and applying an aftercare cream.

4. It’s Easy to Customize – Before your treatment, you should have a one-on-one consultation with your technician. Skilled technicians can make personalized recommendations based on your individual skin tone, bone structure and other factors so that you can get the best possible look for your face.

5. It’s Low Risk – While it is a tattooing procedure and does involve cutting the skin with a tiny blade, microblading is relatively risk free. In order to limit the risks, you should only go to a certified cosmetic tattoo artist with specific training in microblading techniques. According to New York City cosmetic tattoo artist Piret Aava, aka the Eyebrow Doctor, while lower prices may be attractive when it comes to cosmetic tattooing skilled results are more important than saving money.

With so much to recommend it, it’s easy to see why so many celebrities have opted to go with microblading to achieve their perfect look. Everyone from Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow to Australia’s Roxy Jacenko and even 2015 Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic are sporting perfectly crafted microbladed brows.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, it’s important to remember that microblading is not appropriate for everyone. Individuals with certain skin conditions, like acne or rosacea, with extremely sensitive skin types or taking some medications may not be able to tolerate the procedure. If you have had other permanent makeup applied it may affect the ability to apply microblading, so you should make your technician aware of that in your initial consultation.

Having a pre-existing skin condition or taking medications doesn’t automatically rule out having microblading, but since it does increase your risk you should always proceed carefully. Be sure to thoroughly discuss your condition with your technician before having the procedure done.

Of course, as with any cosmetic treatment, the results of your microblading procedure will depend on the health and quality of your skin. Any issues you may have with your skin, from excess oil to extreme dryness, can affect the final result so be sure to take your overall skin condition into consideration before scheduling your appointment.

Get In On The Most Popular Makeup Trend

When you consider everything that microblading has to offer, it’s easy to understand the growing popularity of this exiting cosmetic procedure. With little downtime and amazing, nearly instant results, this is the perfect way to get the brows you’ve always wanted with minimal effort.

Working with an experienced tattoo artist, you can get natural looking brows that complement your face, skin tone and bone structure. Not only can this save you money, by eliminating the need for regular application of gels, powders and pencils, it can also help you save time. Most women spend up to 30 minutes a day tending to their brows but with microblading your eyebrows will be ready from the moment you wake up!

If you’re sick of wasting time and money and still not having the brows you want, it may be time to consider taking the next step. Give microblading a try and get in on the trend that has taken over the world. You’ll see why so many celebrities swear by this quick and easy technique for achieving the perfect brow.