Quick Ways to Banish Boils

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You might not know exactly what causes a boil, but you certainly know when you have got one. They are painful lumps that push up through the skin. Causes vary but include ingrown hair, acne and infected sweat glands.


In essence, this painful lump is an infection in the skin that localizes and becomes a red, tender area eventually becoming firm. Eventually as the centre begins to soften, the boil is filled with white blood cells to fight the infection and a pus filled boil is formed. If you have never considered the consistency of pus, it is a collection of proteins, bacteria and those all important white blood cells. Eventually the boil forms a head and the contents can drain out of the skin.


Our skin generally is under appreciated and yet, it forms the front line defense against all foreign invaders or materials and if you consider how many scrapes and cuts you might have in the course of our lifetime, consider just how good a job it does.

Although boils will come and go on their own accord, ideally, you should start to treat as soon as a boil makes an appearance. An easy remedy is to apply a hot pack to the area as the heat brings the white blood cells and antibodies to the infection and increases circulation.

Home treatment is an option for most simple boils. Ideally, treatment should begin as soon as a boil is noticed since early treatment may prevent later complications. Equally, you could try a home-made bread poultice as this helps to bring the boil up. All you need to do is to soak a slice of bread in some warm water or milk, then add to the boil. Twice a day is sufficient and you will soon see the difference.


Tea Tree Oil is another quick and easy remedy to get rid of those painful boils. It works because it has natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties and will quickly give relief. Always make sure you choose a pure essential oil and apply directly to the boil. You can do this five times a day until relief is experienced.

Boils might be painful but they can quickly be dispersed if you use any of the above remedies.

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