Quick Ways to Help your Skin to Help Itself

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When you consider all that your skin does for you, isn’t it about time that you repaid it by looking after it? Too often we forget about the practicalities of our skin and how it protects us day in and day out. Even if life is manic, there is always time to invest in your skin and here’s how:

• Do you smoke? Smoking has a terrible impact on your skin as it deprives it of oxygen and important nutrients. Smoking can change the even colouring and tones of your skin and because there are over 4,000 chemicals within cigarette smoke, many of these begin the destructive process of eradicating collagen and elastin within your skin. If you want deep wrinkles and saggy skin, keep smoking.

• No-one can dispute the need for a good night’s sleep but are you getting enough Z’s? Your skin repairs itself overnight so every hour is crucial for the production of collagen.

• We all love the sun but it’s important to cover up when the sun is at its most powerful and damaging. Protect your skin from premature aging by applying a good sunscreen. Protecting your skin is not just about looking good but about preventing illnesses like skin cancer.

• Many of us forget to drink enough water but we need to keep our bodies hydrated. Water helps to keep our skin looking great as well as to flush out any impurities.

• Alcohol. We all love a drink from time to time but did you know that alcohol dehydrates your skin and can make you look so much older than your years. You don’t need to give up drinking alcohol socially but try to drink a glass of water in between so that you keep hydrated throughout.

• It’s important to keep your skin clean because it encounters all sorts of elements each day so help your skin to help itself by gently removing make-up, oils and dead cells by using a natural cleanser. Follow with a good natural moisturiser.

Your skin is the first line defence so give it the resources it needs to continue to protect you.

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