Natural Ways to Eradicate Ringworm

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Although sounding horrendous,ringworm is not actually a worm, but a fungal infection where the circles or patches can appear red and silvery on the skin. They can also blister. Ringworm can affect the groin area, the feet, body, nails and the head. The fungal spores penetrate the body through a scratch or when conditions are right, for example – via eczema sores, but it can easily be passed via direct contact. Even pets can pass ringworm on to people. Treatment is typically an anti fungal cream available from a pharmacy but if the ringworm is on the scalp, a prescription is needed for anti fungal tablets.

Ringworm is more common than people suppose. Up to 20% of people will actually develop a fungal skin condition at some point in their lives. Although children are susceptible, especially African-Caribbean children, but adults can easily get the condition too.

If you prefer more natural solutions to the problem, you can try pure essential Tea Tree oil or iodine but successful treatment can include:

Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial because of its natural anti fungal qualities. Be careful not to burn the good skin and if necessary, dilute the vinegar first before applying. Apply to the affected areas twice a day for approximately two weeks. For best results, drink vinegar and water (in equal amounts) once a day.


Turmeric has very powerful antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Mix up some fresh turmeric, grinding it to a powder and mix with water so that it makes a paste. Apply the paste to all of the affected areas and keep on the skin for 20 minutes. This will help to reduce the itching symptoms and redness. Eventually the ringworm will ease and heal too.

Papaya fruit can help to ease the problems of ringworm and you can apply the flesh of the fruit directly to the affected skin. You can also mash Papaya so that it forms a paste and apply this way. Increase your chances of eradicating papaya by eating the fruit as this can improve the success rate.

Natural remedies do take time to work, so be patient if you choose this method for healing.


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