Keep Tabs on Those Problem Areas

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It doesn’t matter whether you keep your age a secret, your skin will reveal your inner health and well-being and portray your age in an instant, so taking a holistic approach to looking after your skin will not only help you to look younger but will be preventative and protective at the same time.

Most people dread getting crow’s feet and these develop naturally over the years because the skin is at its thinnest and of course, every time you laugh, cry or squint, you are naturally using the skin around the eye area. Dark circles can cause problems too making you look tired and fatigued even if you are not. The shadows are muscle tissue and these become visible. This occurs as the skin is so much thinner around the eye area.

We have all seen lips that detail a true sign of aging, and it is difficult to minimize the tell-tale signs of aging simply because your lips often are affected first by climatic changes, so can easily burn, become dry or chapped. Care should be taken to moisturize the skin to help avoid those age lines.

We probably don’t realize just how much we reveal our emotions through our features but every time we express surprise, pleasure or displeasure we change our facial expressions. Just consider how many times you might frown in a day, and you can understand why  frown lines might be creeping into your forehead.

Nothing ages someone than saggy neck and throat skin as the skin does tend to lose its strength more readily in these areas, but it is easy to keep the skin smooth and toned and the trick is to apply generous layers of a good quality serum, especially those with SPF.

Everyone endures these troublesome areas and feel the ravages of aging but it is important to protect your skin as much as possible by also supporting the structure of your skin, retaining moisture and adopting a good skin-care regime.  A little care means you can keep people guessing about your age.