Impetigo- How to Improve and Treat

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Impetigo is a highly infectious disease that subsequently turns into inflamed patches or, can evolve into pus filled sores. This is a horrible condition that can spread quite easily so care should be taken when treating. The inflamed patches or sores will start to blister and then crust over. Impetigo often affects children in the main and is usually caused by an invasion of Streptococcus or Staphylococcus bacteria often as a result of an infected scratch or insect bite. The condition usually affects the face, scalp and neck, but it can also affect the hands and knees.

Dietary factors.

Garlic can help to combat this disease by building up the immune system substantially. Add fresh chopped garlic to your food or take a supplement. It can be difficult to give children garlic if they are opposed to it.

Other factors.

Immaculate hygiene is important and this can prevent the infection from spreading. Use tea tree oil and apply neat to the affected area using a cotton bud. Tea tree oil can be used neat without any problems and can have a drying effect. Most essential oils have to be diluted. Repeat the treatment twice a day. If you have open sores, use distilled water to clean them and add a few drops of tea tree oils before applying. Cover the treated area with lint or gauze or, you can use a dressing that has been pre-saturated in a solution of lavender water and tea tree oil. 5 tsps of lavender water to 5 or 6 drops of tea tree oil should be sufficient. Fix the cover with adhesive tape. Remove the dressing allowing the skin to have air exposure. You can repeat as required.

Another treatment is to add 5 to 10 drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil and a cup of cider vinegar to your bath. This concoction serves as a disinfectant.

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